Kumis Therapy

Kumis is used for gastritis, pancreatic diseases, anemia, neurasthenia, cardiovascular diseases, or increasing the body's general immunity.
Kumis is a source of strength and longevity!

Spacious pastures

To obtain kumis, horses graze on natural pastures.
Pure nature
The untouched natural nature allows you to get most of the active substances and minerals.

Natural product

Thus, kumis is the purest and most natural product!
Kumis - Useful properties
Quenches thirst
Kumis perfectly satisfies hunger and thirst, and this drink is also able to relieve hangover syndrome quickly.
Kumis is often used in the prevention of tuberculosis. And to improve overall immunity.
Calorie content and nutritional value
Calorie content of kumis - 50 kcal Nutritional value of kumis: proteins - 2.1 g, fats - 1.9 g, carbohydrates - 5 g
Vitamins and minerals
Kumis contains about 95% of digestible substances. There is Vitamins A, E, C, group B, minerals iron, iodine, copper.
Digestive system
Kumis strengthens the intestinal microflora by stimulating the formation of beneficial bacteria in it.
Nervous system
Increases serotonin levels, which helps to avoid depression. Kumis reduces irritability and fatigue.
What is kumis?
Kumis is a liquid effervescent drink made by fermentation from mare's milk and, more rarely, from camel milk, widely used for medicinal purposes.
What does kumis taste like?
Kumis is a foamy drink, whitish in color, taste - sour-sweet. Kumis is obtained as a result of lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation. Mare's milk is easy to distinguish from other types of milk.
Kumis medicinal properties?
Kumis is used for pancreas diseases, neurasthenia, cardiovascular diseases, gastritis, anemia, and increases the body's general immunity!
Additional information
Kumis treatment reservations are made less than: 2-3 days prior to arrival.

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